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The developers of Toy Blast have created the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!

Explore a crazy cartoon world with Cooper the Cat, Wally the Wolf and Bruno the Bear and enjoy bizarre and challenging levels! Destroy dice and create powerful combos to master the levels. Solve puzzles to help the Toon Gang travel through magical worlds!

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Experience the wildest adventure of your life as you hit the cleaners!


  • There are lots of challenging levels and new episodes waiting for you to unlock!
  • Master unique game goals and dozens of amusing obstacles!
  • Unlock bizarre boosters to take you to the next level!
  • Collect stars by completing levels and winning awesome rewards!
  • Create your own team and compete with others to dominate the puzzle world!
  • Let your team members provide you with life and keep on playing!
  • Synchronize your game effortlessly between your mobile phone and your tablet!
  • User friendly and fun, yet challenging!

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In the first levels you can still deal generously with this power-up, because you have enough moves available. By the way, you can see them in the upper right corner. Collect 20 stars to be able to open the star chest. There is also a Toon Chest, which will only appear after the 10th level. But you should be able to play through the first levels quickly. iOS players can get the mobile game here.

Many levels in Toon Blast have it all. And you might think you can never master them. But as with almost every successful game, there are subtle players who make their solutions available free of charge. So is Toon Blast. For example, if you have difficulties in level 116, you can have a look at the solution here. Here is the Android version of the game.

There are many power-ups in the game. The bomb is one of them. You can get it by clicking seven cubes of the same color together. If you will activate this bomb, all the dice adjacent to this bomb will be blown up.

If you will have any problems to complete level you can always use one of our Toon Blast cheats!